We arrange the workshops that are enjoyable initial sessions for all the robotics programming technologies we teach here. Try your hand at robotics programming to make animations, games, android applications, and work with programmable robots at ICE Robotics. Our short duration workshop covers various topics related to robotics learning and we control all these workshops in colleges, schools.

Research & Development:

Research & Development in the field of Arduino(Robotics).the student will be challenged with a project which would be self-chosen by the intern in the field of robotics. The intern needs to submit their work (project) along with the project report. Engaging students in topics such as; working with sensor data for the task of perception, implement as well as apply algorithms in the various processes of Decision involved in commanding the robot to take action.

Duration: 4 Hrs/ day

Software: C++

Hardware: Arduino UNO board


ICE kits & Equipment:

Interest in the field of robotics. Engaging interns in the topic such as working with sensor data for the task of perception,

Implement as well as apply algorithms in various processes of decision involve in commending the robot to take action.

Duration: 4 Hrs/ day

Software: Robot c

Hardware: Lego kit


Seminars & Demonstration:

The intern needs to present a seminar on the Recharge and Development during the internship in ice robotics. The interns need to full fill at least five outdoor demonstrations carried out by the company in schools, colleges, and educational institutes.

Duration: 4 Hrs/ day

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ICE Robotics Providing robotics for kids and coding programs for children's and undergraduate. students in our STEM program learn pseudo-coding, coding, robotics, and engineering principles.

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ICE Robotics offers a variety of online classes and webinars from experts from the industries. our online courses program contains everything you need to ignite your child's desire to learn while enhancing their skills in science, engineering, technology, and coding.

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lCE Robotics provides interactive, STEM programs {or children featuring technology and popular robot building toys such as LEGO bricks and VEX-IQ. Kids have so much in our programs, that they don't realize just how much they are learning

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